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Litigation has been a core strength of the firm since its inception. We recognize that going to court to resolve disputes should generally be a last resort after other alternatives have failed, and therefore we offer our clients a range of dispute resolution skills that is not limited to litigation. However, when a dispute requires a lawsuit to resolve it, we represent our clients with the highest level of skill and tenacity.

Our experience in litigation has involved cases in both state and federal courts, primarily in western Michigan, but also ranging from New York to California, and from Texas to Minnesota. Many of these cases have involved commercial and insurance contract disputes, or disputes between business partners or business competitors. In addition, however, we have extensive experience with litigation involving personal injury, product liability, construction defects, and investor fraud.

To achieve success in such a wide variety of cases, we rely upon state-of-the art information technology, and have become proficient in working with consultants and experts in a variety of technical fields, as well as with co-counsel having specialized expertise throughout the country. We also serve as co-counsel for law firms in other states who require local co-counsel in western Michigan. We have a demonstrated capability of working successfully in collaboration with other law firms, when necessary to offer the same diversity and depth of talent as much larger firms, while always continuing to offer the personal attention and efficiency of a small firm.