Business Litigation Real Estate Environmental Labor

  • Development/finance of MMPC (largest medical group in Western Michigan) medical buildings throughout Western Michigan;
  • Work out of distressed developments both residential and commercial;
  • Representation of contractors, specialty subcontractors, engineering firms,;
  • Representation/assistance to governmental agencies involved with real estate matters including for example the Kent County Building Authority.

Our services range from assistance with real estate management; to real estate related finance issues; to development of office, residential, manufacturing facilities, to mobile home parks, to individuals buying/selling/financing their individual homes and businesses. We have expertise in commercial and municipal finance and economic development, planning and zoning, interface/liaison with local, state, and federal agencies. At the same time we represent a number of general contractors/project managers, subcontractors and trades persons. We believe we are uniquely qualified to bring the most sophisticated expertise and the most fundamental expertise to whatever real estate matter which may present itself and do so in a most efficient and economical manner.

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